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If you work in a business that buys and sells or even repairs vehicles, it is essential that you find the right traders insurance policy. This policy covers the owner of the business, the employees in the business and the vehicles they handle. Other aspects are also covered such as vehicle sales, servicing, the mechanics, the valets, the breakdown services and a lot more.

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With the traders insurance policy, you can be covered against road risks, can take out a liability insurance or you can get a combined insurance package. Road risk insurance covers you when you or anyone in your employ is driving vehicles that you own as well as vehicles that your customers leave in your custody. In case of an accident while you or your employees are driving, you will have satisfactory insurance cover.

You can take three types of road risk insurance which include third party cover, third party fire theft cover and a comprehensive cover. Third party will generally not cover your vehicle although your passenger will be included in the cover and the cover will also provide insurance for loss or damage to third parties such as people and vehicles.

Third party fire theft will provide for cover against theft, damage or loss through fire to vehicles that are under your custody. With a comprehensive cover, any vehicle that is under your custody or even your own vehicles is covered in case of accidental damage. This means that if you get in an accident with a customer’s car or your own car and you are responsible for the accident, the insurance company will pay for the costs of repairs.

This cover is for the other vehicle as well as the vehicle you are driving if you own it or if it belongs to your customer. If you repair, restore or service vehicles, have a garage, is a valet, a vehicle fitter or even a mobile tuner, you can get a third party cover too. Because you never know when anything might happen, the motor trade cover is an essential cover that will protect your assets and people that you have employed.

Liability insurance is also essential when you are in the motor vehicle industry. There are three types of liability insurance including employer’s liability, product liability and public liability. If you employ people it is prudent and you are legally compelled to take this type of cover in the event that your employee is injured or happens to die while at work.

The product liability is essential because it protects against any event that a product that is faulty malfunctions and causes an accident. In the event that you are sued by your client because of a product that you fitted on their vehicle, you can sue the manufacturer of the product. Public liability protects you in the event that anyone is hurt in your premises by your machinery or equipment.

When you take out a combined insurance, you can be covered for all the above mentioned issues as well as others. This will include issues such as damages that occur to your plan, machinery or tools. If your fixtures, fittings and premises are damaged, you can be compensated if you have combined insurance.

You also have the vehicles that are parked in your business premises covered as well as the personal possessions of your employees or customers. With this understanding about what the traders insurance policy is all about, you can now talk to us for your insurance needs.

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Cuyahoga County Insurance

Working since 1995, choice quote has been dealing with motor trade insurance and other dealerships efficiently in the Ohio, United States. Following the motto of ‘no compromise’, their customer services are up to the mark and they are the most sought after name in bringing out the preeminent insurance policies in the fields of motor trade business.

Regardless of the fact that whether you are a part-time or full-time business operator, the policies at Choice Quote are carefully devised to help you kick start your career in the field of motor trade.

Extra information about choice quote

About Motor Car Insurance

In simple words, motor car insurance is a back up to monitor your vehicles-sales, servicing, breakdown and the list goes on. What to add to it is that their services cover all vehicles whether it is a prestige car, a sports car or other import vehicles that often fall prey to accidents, landing the owner in a large perpetual loss which becomes quite difficult to surmount, especially in case you are a fresher in this field.

What Choice Quote Policies Offer?

At Choice Quote you get to enjoy a wide range of customer services but there are some points to keep in consideration when securing your vehicles with motor car insurance.

Vehicular values Usually in motor trade insurance, the claim payments are made at the trade values of the vehicle in question. However if you have already paid the vehicle’s retail price then you surely are to find the payout deficit.

Exclusions to remember There are a number of vehicles that do not fall under the motor car insurance policies of our quotes. While choosing your vehicles, make sure that your vehicle does not fall in this category.

Your Benefits and Cover Some of the motor car policies exclude the benefits associated with the insurance on damages to windscreen cover, protected claims bonus and like. You need to look carefully understand the provisions that are associated with your insurance policy.

No Compensation for Damages at the Premises The road risk policies do not cover for losses against the damage done to vehicles at the business premises. However, if you want to hire for such additional policies then you need to specify this in your insurance policy.

Superfluous occupations If you have an additional business running as your main occupation and have opted for motor trade as a part-time occupation then, there are some specific policies suited to meet your needs that you need to keep in consideration before getting yourself insured.

We have excelled in their customer services and are one of the best rated in case of motor car insurance. So, if you are dealing with motor vehicles on a daily basis and at the same time want to ensure that some unfortunate vehicular damages don’t trounce your success, there is no better substitute than getting yourself insured with the best available policies at our Quotes.

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